Chicken slaughtering hits new record in 2013, according to IBGE

Brazil chicken slaughtering last year hitting 5.598 billion units record, according to a survey by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) released on Thursday. The volume was 6.8% higher than 2012.

The chicken carcasses production also grew last year. 12.346 million tons nationwide, up 7% from the previous year were produced.

According to IBGE, the falling prices of corn and soybeans between 2012 and 2013 gave way to increased poultry sector production. The supply growth was absorbed by the domestic market since exports fell 0.2 % in volume.

What else contributed to the increase in the supply of chicken was the state Rio Grande do Sul, which last year hit 205 million heads more than in 2012. So, the State exceeded Santa Catarina and became the second largest Brazilkian chicken slaughterer.

The largest producer remained Paraná state , which hit 101.6 million units more than in 2012.

Altogether, the Southern Region accounted for 60.2 % of slaughtered chicken units last year, up from participation in the previous year. In turn, the participation of Southeast fell to 20.3%, driven by lower slaughter in São Paulo. In 2013, São Paulo State reduced slaughtering chicken in 80 million chicken heads.

In the fourth quarter last year, the chicken’s slaughter in the country totaled 1.405 billion head . The volume is down 2.8 % from the previous quarter, but up 9 % compared to the same period in 2012.

The South was mostly responsible for the decline of slaughtering between the last two quarters of year. The region hit 30.429 million heads despite a reduction of 40 million units across the country. Only Paraná had a reduction in poultry slaughter of approximately 20 million heads.

The IBGE survey was done with 399 informants of slaughtering chickens that have federal, state or municipal inspection services. Roraima, Amapá, Maranhão and Rio Grande do Norte were the only states without slaughtering chickens under some kind of health inspection record.

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