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Projeto ABRINQ

Patense makes regular contributions to the Abrinq Foundation for the rights of Children and Adolescents, a serious, child-friendly non-profit organization. It benefits millions of children and adolescents through its actions, programs and projects and with the help of many partners.

Abrinq was established in 1990, the year of the enactment of the Child and Adolescent Statute, and its mission is to promote the rights and citizenship of children and adolescents. It is maintained by individuals, companies and domestic and international agencies that fight for the cause of children and adolescents.

The organization has a Board of Directors composed of businessmen from different sectors and an Advisory Board composed of experts in the childhood and adolescence field who ensure the discussion of issues related to defending rights; and an Audit Committee, which is responsible for advising and for the financial oversight and accounting of the organization.

Patense, through incentives to its employees, helps qualify its staff, supporting their studies and professional development.

The company invests in its employees' undergraduate courses and in enhancing their knowledge, thereby generating intellectual return for the company itself and in personal and professional growth.

Sports support

The practice of sports is growing worldwide, and all our society segments are very interested in sports, too. Patense recognizes the importance of sports and therefore makes all efforts to provide full support in this area.

Its soccer team, formed by company employees, and its wheelchair basketball team, train constantly and play in championships, having collected some victories and have highly stood out in the region.

Patense sees this investment as a way to encourage well-being, social inclusion and interaction of employees on its team, always carefully valuing all athletes.

One of the company's values is keeping its team updated at all times and adding quality and social welfare to its staff. Additionally, Patense bets on its homegrown talents, developing them to provide them with a solid, consistent career.

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