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Patense is always concerned with environmental issues. Therefore, it spares no efforts to build wastewater treatment plants, undertake reforestation, and to educate its employees and the community.

Upwards of a million Reais have already been invested in Patos de Minas and Itaúna to adjust the industrial plants to environmental requirements.

Patense has also acquired an area that has already been reforested. A commitment that makes the company's activity in and of itself a social and environmental responsibility..

Biomass Boiler

The biomass boiler that Patense uses is a device that interacts with the Environment without polluting it.

The fuel burning system and Filters allow for gas and particle emissions to be kept within the standards required by the regulatory agencies.

Several types of biomass such as wood chips, briquettes, rice hulls, charcoal powder, etc., are used as fuel. This enables us to be a model of renewable and sustainable production, as we produce clean energy and steam.

Because we do not work with fossil fuels, we are able to contribute to the environment because we do not release pollutants into the atmosphere that contribute to increasing the greenhouse effect. For this reason, we can reaffirm that our energy is renewable and sustainable.


PATENSE uses a modern process of fertigation, i.e., which injects chemical or organic fertilizers through irrigation water. This makes the irrigation system more economical and fertilizer application more uniform. Furthermore, it affords the benefit of saving manpower, facilitates the incorporation and activation of the fertilizer, reduces soil compaction and mechanical damage caused by machinery, it allows for subdivision and for application at any time.

The main objectives of fertigation are the full, rational use of all resources available within the productive system of Indústrias Patense; the increased stability of the existing production systems with the investment in new technology components; the combination of the several components of the production chain in integrated, socially and economically sustainable systems that preserve the environment; the maximization of production system efficiency, reducing costs and improving productivity, establishing the principle that a system's residue can be an input for another production system.

Applying this process implies in investing in environmental assets to achieve sustainability for all of the links in the production chain. Balance in environmental accounting necessarily includes environmental assets such as land cover, water source protection, minimum tillage and direct planting, adequate fertilization, recovery of forests or grasslands in areas unsuitable for annual crops, planned tree cutting and proper waste recycling.

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Unidade de Negócios (Escritório)

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