Patense is a driver for Brazilian rendering.

Our identity is sustainability, quality, innovation and responsible management.

Governance, compliance and accountability

Patense has built lasting partnerships for decades in order to transform raw materials of animal origin into high-value solutions for different productive segments and society. Our governance is based on compliance (compliance with laws) and accountability (responsibility) as a business license. This is expressed in practices such as:

  • Respect for stakeholders
  • Focus on customer results
  • Fulfillment of commitments
  • Simplicity and transparency

Global Benchmark in Rendering

The Patense Code of Best Corporate Governance Practices is the fundamental document to guide and inspire our activities, being adopted as a national and international reference for performance in the segment.

In addition, our Code of Conduct is an official statement about Patense’s commitment to business and social ethics, being imperatively adopted by all employees in the personal and professional spheres.

Such precepts of conduct are invariably stressed to each of our professionals, who sign Terms of Commitment with such content.


Forming partners to transform non-edible animal products into sustainable solutions, contributing to the environment with safety, quality and innovation.


To be a world reference in the segment.


  • Agility
  • Autonomy
  • Communication
  • Humanization of Work
  • Innovation
  • Partnership
  • Simplicity

Awards and Certificates

Recognized by society and the market.


Total Quality Award, granted to PATENSE by SEBRAE.


Entrepreneurial Merit of Minas Gerais granted to General Director Clênio Antônio Gonçalves, by Federaminas.


Title of Honor to Merit and Motion of Applause, granted by the City Council of Patos de Minas.


CHILD-FRIENDLY donor diploma, granted by Fundação Abrinq. PATENSE is among the best friends of children and teenagers from all over Brazil.


Lions Certificate, diploma of appreciation and gratitude for supporting the Giovanini Lions Chopp Festival.



According to Globo Rural magazine, Patense is among the 500 largest agribusiness companies in the country in 2011.



For another year, Patense is among the 500 largest in Brazilian agribusiness and also in the TOP 10 in the Brazilian agribusiness sector.



Outstanding Foreign Trade Award at the 2012 ENAEX (National Foreign Trade Meeting) based on sustainability criteria.