The world-class quality of “Patense Clean Harvesting” surpasses technical requirements.

Our fleet includes technology, skilled professionals and responsibility even before harvesting raw materials.

All our own fleet vehicles are approved by environmental inspection agencies from different Brazilian states.

Raw Material Collection

This is the standard taken to our suppliers in six states in the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil.

It is the beginning of a production process that promotes social, economic and environmental sustainability in Brazil, in order to deliver value across the globe.


Vehicles in

6 states



What do we harvest?

Non-edible products from the production of

farinha de viceras


farinha bovina


farinha de peixe


farinha de sangue


farinha suina



Developed specifically for Patense, the harvesting vehicles bring together features that make them into actual “cool boxes on wheels”.

In addition to thermal, biological and mechanical technology, these machines are operated by professionals trained in the Patense Clean Harvesting standard.

recepcao produto

Product reception

Infrastructure and care with raw materials

Production process

Upon receipt, the inputs go through thermal processes to produce flour, suet and fat. Fatty products are inputs for the hygiene, cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biofuel and animal feed industries. Flours – which are rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus – are indispensable ingredients for the nutrition of livestock and pets