Fertigation.The project which became an award-winning case across the country.

Patense. Our animal protein

Recycling is inherent to rendering. As an industry leader, Patense ensures sustainable disposal for tons of animal products every day.

And we go even further on the environmental matter. Our actions range from treatment and reforestation plants to employee and community awareness-raising.

Sustainability is more than a commitment to us: it is the essence of this activity and our great inspiration.


Fertirrigation fully and rationally uses water from the production system of all Patense units.

The goal is to process and reuse wastewater, thus creating a fertilizer rich in organic and chemical nutrients.

In addition to showing that effluents can be valuable, irrigation is more economical and uniform for crops.

Cogeneration of energy

The project aims at Patense’s energy self-sufficiency and even to provide surpluses for the National Interconnected System (SIN).

The cogeneration model produces electricity from the processing of plant-generated biomass via a system of turbines and generators.

This way, our activity as a whole is made even more sustainable by electric self-sufficiency and also by minimizing disposal.

Bola pra frente project

“Bola pra Frente” project brings together education and sports to improve children and adolescents in places where Patense operates.

The goal is to leave the participant “Good at School and a Football Star” with the help of specialized teachers.

The initiative is aimed at students aged 7 to 16, who are enrolled and are regulars in public or private schools.