Chitosan is a non-toxic, biodegradable, biocompatible polymer produced by natural renewable sources, whose properties have been explored in industrial applications.


Crustacean shells (shrimp) derived from the chitin deacetylation process. Alkaline (NAOH solution).


Industrial grade chitosan: raw material for the chemical, fertilizer, textile and paper industry, in wastewater treatment, in agriculture, as a biopesticide, fungicide and bactericide.

Guarantee levels

Parameters Specifications Acceptance
Appearance White/yellowish powder/flakes, characteristic odor Accpet
Moisture (max) <10% 7,5%
Total ash (max) < 5% 2,5%
pH 7-9 Accpet
Grade deacetylation (DAC) (min) ≥ 80% 82%
Particle size 40 mesh Accpet
Solubility acetic acid 1% (max) < 30 minutes 12 minutes
Viscosity Min 70 máx 150 cp Accpet
Averege molecular weight 50 KDa between 150 KDa Accpet

Shelf life

36 months from the date of fabrication.


Storage at room temperature up to 30 °C, closed container, protected from light and moisture.


10 kg silage bags